Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AT&T E2725B 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets and Answering System

This 2.4 GHz phone system comes loaded with extras, such as a built-in answering machine and an extra handset. The E2725B provides a complete communications solution for the small to medium-sized home. Place a second phone anywhere you need it, without worrying about an extra phone jack.

The E2725B has a built-in, 50-location phone directory to help you easily find important numbers. It is also caller ID/call waiting compatible, with a 50-number caller ID memory. The handset LCD is easy to navigate and can be set to one of three menu languages (English, French, or Spanish). An illuminated keypad is provided to help you dial in poorly-lit environments, and you can adjust both handset and ringer volumes to your liking. You have 10 built-in ringer tones to choose from, while a handset speakerphone and headset compatibility provide hands-free communication options. An intercom function lets you communicate with the other handset location, and the conferencing feature lets both handsets talk with an outside caller. You can easily transfer an incoming call to the other handset, and a mute button allows you to silence your end of the conversation while still being able to hear the caller.

The all-digital answering machine stores up to 15 minutes of messages, or up to 99 messages, whichever comes first. A message waiting indicator lets you know when you have new messages, while voice prompts help you to navigate the system's features. With memo recording, you can easily keep track of important information such as driving directions and phone numbers, and a variable speed playback function allows you to play messages at slower speeds, making them easier to understand. You can access your message while away from home with the remote message check feature, while a time/day stamp lets you know exactly when a call was received. The E2725B also comes backed with a one-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Two cordless handsets, base, remote charger station, two belt clips, two NiMH battery packs, two power adapters, one telephone line cord, user's manual, wall mounting adapter
Customer Review: Works OK
But look around. The display has a tendency to lose pixels, making caller ID frustrating.
Customer Review: Doesn't last
We have had this system for 2 years now. Its going in the trash. Everyone of the chargers (3 and main unit )have quit. We have replaced the batteries but to no avail they won't work. The new batteries worked for about 3 months and now we again get the "Check Battery" message. To be fair, we are beginning to wonder about a lightning issue but nothing else has been affected. On another note from day one the reception in my studio in the back yard has not been great. I have to step out on to the back porch to get good reception. The prior phone was better. We won't be buying ATT again.

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